Yoga With Children

Is Christmas approaching just a little too fast?!

Have you already stopped your weekly yoga/fitness classes?

There is hardly time for anything; Christmas shopping, Carol Concerts, School plays, Works Christmas Drinks, Friends Christmas Drinks, The annual family get together (involving copious amounts of vino just to get through it!) and planning the dreaded Christmas lunch.

Oh and if you are like me, crazy enough to have a four legged addition to your house, God help you! I have just finished picking up the remnants of chocolate coins Wellington has scoffed  from under the tree and have also just, rather poor, re-wrapped the destroyed Christmas present, addressed to me, from my 11 year old! I'm not sure my writing 'Mum" on the front look like hers, but I tried!

But this is when you NEED yoga the most. I know, I hear you cry, BUT HOW & WHEN???, with the children breaking up from school this week?

I completely understand, I have 3 little monkeys who will all be demanding my attention along with the rest of the family, but you will be surprised how much children of all ages will really appreciate doing something with just you, real Mummy time around the festive period.

Here's the biggest tip of all - doing anything is better than nothing, it doesn't have to be perfect, your pose doesn't even have to have a name, make it up, just have fun with your children - do what feels good!

Doing yoga with them is so much fun, you don't have to do anything properly, just get them to be your teacher. Younger children get in to poses naturally, copy them, they love to feel they are teaching you.

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Happy Christmas from Yogimums xx

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