Pose of the Month - Rabbit Pose (Sasangasana)

Stressed out, overwhelmed? Let's be honest, most mums are, especially around the holiday season. Perhaps we bring it on ourselves, inviting the whole family for Easter weekend whilst simultaneously trying to maintain our lives/ jobs/relationships/houses etc & of course keeping our little darlings happy, God forbid they might get bored! As mums we tend to forget that caring for children is both physically and mentally demanding, a labour of love you might say! But we need to look after ourselves too. Not many jobs require so much physical and mental multi-tasking. Physical and emotional stress coupled with festive anxiety (planning, cooking, having family to stay etc.) can often lead to headaches, upper back & neck pain. Therefore we need to stretch out our whole spine & what better posture to focus on during the Easter holidays then than Rabbit Pose (Sasangasana in Sanskrit)

Rabbit pose (Sasangasana) has many benefits, it's fantastic for relieving tension in your neck, shoulders & entire spine as it stretches the spine out, nourishing & re-aligning it & helping to loosen the areas notorious for holding tension and stress especially in us mums. It also helps alleviate colds, sinus & other congestion problems, great at the moment as those pesky winter bugs still seem to be lurking around! Then, before we know it it will be the hay fever season, Oh joy, more snuffles and running eyes! 

But perhaps for many of us one of the greatest benefits of Rabbit Pose is that it stimulates your thyroid and parathyroid gland, the gland which helps you lose or gain weight! The thyroid gland is responsible for producing hormones controlling your metabolism, very useful if you have eaten too many Easter eggs over the Easter weekend or like me drunk too much prosecco!

Finally, this posture is believed to greatly help with depression & post natal depression as it helps to balance out our hormones.

To Perform this posture sit on your heels & then grab your heels with your hands. Exhale, tuck your chin into your chest & draw your stomach in towards your spine. Round your spine down so that your forehead is touching your knees & the top of your head is touching the floor. Pull on your heels, straighten your arms & lift up your hips. Be aware it does constrict your throat which may feel awkward to begin with.

This pose is contraindicated for recent or chronic injury to the knees, back, neck or shoulders.

Give it a go, personally I love this posture, although I'm not that great at it!

ps. I've just booked an appointment with the chiropractor, my right shoulder is about inch higher than my left - shall I blame it on my children, or the family who came for Easter? Who knows but on the plus side having 14 for lunch on Easter Day meant I was able to sneak off & teach one of my favourite hot yoga classes without anyone noticing!.....Yep, the studio was open & my 6pm class was packed!!...everyone had eaten too many Easter eggs I suspect!! :)

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