Nutritious & Delicious For The Whole Family

I've just returned from a weekend of eating delicious, raw vegan food, on a wonderful yoga retreat in Devon.

I'm really keen to try and incorporate a lot of the recipes and ideas in to my families diet, however, the obvious problem is will I get my three children to be as keen?

I think subtlety is the key! And maybe a few white lies!!!

So for breakfast today the health stakes were definitly up'd in my house, no more sugary cereals causing energy slumps, irritability, frustration and other long term problems instead we were are all on porridge, but not any old porridge!

Obviously leaving behind these sugary cereals in favour of cold porridge would have been a step too far but I did manage to encorporate wholesome yummyness in to everyones bowl, without anyone knowing!


1) Last night I soaked porridge oats in almond milk before using them this morning, the soaking activates the enzyme content of the grain, therefore increasing the protein content and making the porridge easier to absorb and digest, it will also lower its glycaemic index.- No one noticed this change!!

2) To further increase the protein content I mixed the oats with quinoa, which is really high in protein, high in calcium and a gluten free grain. - I only used a little today as I thought they may complain but I intend to add more each day!

3) To make it super healthy use any nut milk such as macademia, which has lots of essential fats and zinc, rather than dairy (especially if your children are phlegmy!!), I used almond milk today which is another great source of calcium.

 I must confess I told my 5 year old that it was a special Devon milk from the special Devon cows! She happily ate all her porridge! (If I had said it was a nut milk I don't think she would have even tried it!.)

4) I added strawberries, raspberries & goji berries this morning for a blast of beta-carotene (an anti-oxidant) and they looked yummy and colourful!

5) I also added a handful of mixed toasted seeds to add more protein, calcuim, magnesium, vitamins A, B-complex, D, E and K, zinc, manganese and omega 3 & 6. (Again I lied and told my youngest they were her favourite nuts chopped up!!)

6) To sweeten it up (rather than the gallons of honey they normally have) I added a mix of frozen fruit, fresh fruit and dried fruit. -Delicious.

Suprisingly, they loved it and it kept them full for ages - Almost until lunchtime!!

I am now mindful of ensuring my whole family eat healthier, my intention is to try and include one or two new foods each week and regularly use them throughout that week, why not try this too :)

Yesterday's lunch was also a success ..... fingers crossed the enthusiasm lasts!!



Good Luck, I hope this helps :)

Till the next time

Catherine xx

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