Look How Far You've Come!

It is so easy to focus on what we haven't achieved in life, that we often forget all the wonderful things we have done! How often do you celebrate your achievements, however small, rarely I'm guessing?

Do you give yourself a hard time for not doing certain things?

Do you really acknowledge & appreciate how wonderful you are when you have achieved something or done something well?

I am willing to bet you have come a long way (much further than you think) in the last 5 years, but perhaps you spend too much time focussing on what you still haven't achieved.


The combination of Yoga & Mindfulness can help you celebrate your growth, focussing on you achievements, however small & appreciating and understanding yourself. Allowing you to praise yourself for all your hard work and the challenges you have overcome to be where you are now.

Why not give it a go, it will make you feel wonderful, thankful & happy.

Here is short mindful self-appreciation practice which allows you to have balance and perspective so that you can see yourself without distortion. 

A short mindful self-appreciation practice: 

  • Closing your eyes and becoming aware of sitting
  • Bringing your awareness to the sensations in the soles of your feet, and then slowly to your bottom on the chair
  • And then becoming aware of the movement of your breath in the body – perhaps at the chest or the belly, feeling the body expand and contract with each in and out breath, allowing attention to rest here with the breath for a moment or two
  • And then, when you’re ready, thinking of one thing you appreciate about yourself, that really deep down, you like about yourself (could be your sense of humour, loyalty, kindness, creativity, courage, friendliness)
  • Now considering….are there any people who helped you develop this quality? (friends, family, teachers, authors of inspiring books)
  • If so, sending them some gratitude and appreciation
  • when we appreciate ourselves, we’re also appreciating all the people who have helped us become who we are today
  • Letting yourself savour feeling good about yourself…letting it soak in for a few moments
  • And then, when you’re ready, opening your eyes and end the practice.

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