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Hi Ladies, Each month, in my blog, I will post about the latest healthy lifestyle images from the land of the rich & famous  & calling  it "Healthy Living in Celebs'ville".

I'll take a recent image of a celebrity, analyse it and give you the real low down on its benefits & question if it really is all that! And, of course, give you realistic alternatives that you can do without being a billionaire & having personal trainers & dieticians living in your house!! In other words it's for real women & girls :)

I'm so excited as it combines my love of yoga, fitness & clean eating with my insatiable appetite for snooping into the world of the famous!

I'll discuss their diets, fitness routines & lifestyle habits & look at trends which really work & those that don't!

So to kick start this new post, here is a recent instagram image posted by Miranda Kerr practicing yoga on a beautiful beach.

Miranda Kerr is a great role model, as a 32-year-old mum she manages to fit a healthy lifestyle around working, being a mum & looking great!

As I looked through images of her for this post I found photos of her resistance training, practicing yoga, hiking, going for bike rides with her son & many others but I chose this image as not only is it beautiful but we could all try this posture (or a variation of it) without the need of any equipment :)

Her clean eating diet is also well documented advocating egg whites with avocado or oatmeal for breakfast, avoiding junk food, drinking fresh juices & carrying around healthy snacks such as fresh fruit, nuts and seeds to avoid sugar cravings.

Top tip; Nuts & seeds are your pick me ups throughout the day, don't be put off by their high fat content, they will keep you full for longer, helping you to avoid the sugary cravings of biscuits and chocolate.


Ok, so back to this image - yes, she looks amazing but of course she does, she has been styled beautifully with gorgeous clothes and a stunning backdrop but what is she actually doing & why? (apart from looking fabulous!)

Children call it a "Crab", in yoga we call it "Upward Bow, Wheel or in Sanskrit Urdhva Dhanu" but whatever you call it, ultimately it is a back bend.

So why is she doing this? Well apart from looking great the benefits of this posture can be amazing, fundamentally, it stretches out your chest & helps facilitate the expansion of your lungs to allow for deeper breathing. It also strengthens your arms, wrists, legs, buttocks & spine. It can stimulate the thyroid and pituitary glands & increase your energy levels, it's even been suggested that it counteracts mild depression. Furthermore, it's said to be therapeutic for asthma, infertility and osteoporosis, so all in all pretty powerful stuff ?!

Probably worth trying it but it is an intense pose so before you all attempt the full 'Wheel', check out these points......

1)If you have a back injury or heart problems, avoid this posture.

2)If your back is ok, start off in bridge pose, keeping your arms & shoulders on the mat & lifting up your hips and chest. (Stick with this pose if you have carpal tunnel syndrome).

The photo below is of two of my postnatal clients doing a supported back bend over a yoga ball. Not quite the glamorous backdrop of the Caribbean but with such gorgeous babies this photo wins hands down!! Hopefully it gives you a visual idea of the alternative postures you could try which still give amazing benefits! If bridge pose feels ok move on & try Wheel.

3) If in Wheel pose & you notice that your armpits or groin feel tight, try using blocks under your feet or arms (pop bricks by a wall to ensure you don't slip!)

So to follow in Miranda's footsteps & lets be honest she does look great, balance as always is key, mix up your weights routine with some yoga and mums get out and play with your little ones :) Combine this with a great breakfast of oats or eggs to give you the necessary energy to start the day, pop some nuts in your bag and your good to go!

Hopefully this has given you a taste of what is to come each week.

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Take it easy,  lets catch up next week

Catherine xx

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