Family Fun Meditation


With new government guidelines & ridiculous expectations for our infant & junior school children, I feel that meditation is now more important than ever as we are expecting more and more from our little ones.

Meditation is equally important for our tweens and teens too as not only do they face increasing academic pressure but also the pressure of growing up with the constant presence of social media in their lives. (Sophie, my 12 yr old is forever on SnapChat or Instagram!)

Therefore, last weekend, I tried a new form of meditation with Sophie & my younger daughter Alice (6) and her best friend. - Egg Decorating Meditation!

All we used were cooled down boiled eggs, colouring pens, paint, nail varnish & glitter, but I'm sure you could be far more creative than I was!

Egg Decorating Meditation

Start by spending a few moments with your eyes closed & just acknowledge your posture. Be aware of how your body connects to your chair.

Take your awareness to your breath, breathe slowly through your nose & notice your shoulders relaxing. Now open your eyes and look at your egg, take note of its shape, its colour & how it catches the light.

Pick up the egg, notice its weight, how it feels in your hands, its texture & smell.

Look at your pens, nail varnishes and paints, enjoy the variety of shades and colours, are you drawn to one colour?

Pick up that colour & start decorating your egg.

Now the tricky bit, let go of any concerns about making your egg perfect, this meditation is about enjoying the process, think of it as making marks rather than making a piece of art !

I noticed this was far easier for the younger children who got lost in the meditation & enjoyed the process of mark making whereas the 12 year olds and myself found it much harder, we got cross if we went 'wrong'. If this happens to you simply smile at your inner critic (the voice telling you it's no good) and bring your awareness back to decorating your egg.

If your mind wanders, just acknowledge where it goes & gently bring your mind back to your egg and your breath.

When you've finished take time to mindfully enjoy it, close your eyes, come back to your awareness of your body sitting in the chair and an awareness of the flow of your breath.

Notice how you are feeling now and congratulate yourself for doing the meditation.

I hope this gives you some ideas for introducing meditation into family life, have a great Easter.

Much love xx

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