10 Simple Things Your Healthy & Happy Friends Do Every Day

How many of these simple things do we really do every day?

1.   Healthy Eating.

Do you often eat nothing all day and binge at night? Do you feel hungry all the time? Do you find losing weight is an uphill battle? Remember healthy eating isn't all about diets, counting calories & eating low fat foods (many of which are laden with sugar!) its about eating a balanced, healthy and appropriate diet for your lifestyle which will naturally incorporates all the major food groups but none to excess. Try to watch your portion sizes & sugar consumption, regularly check out how high the fat content of your food is & pay attention to how much processed & convenience food you are consuming? If we look at healthy eating as a lifelong journey, rather than dieting & freaking out when we have a treat now and then, we will feel more in control of our eating & body weight & ultimately our health.

My attitude to food is generally very healthy but as a busy mum of fairly fussy eaters I do often fall back on the same meals throughout the week. My goal is to vary my childrens food more, not always sticking to what I know they like. (Easier said than done, when you know the probability of having tantrums at the table!!)

2.  Walk

Walking is so simple, good for you and free! I force myself to walk my dog daily, but I certainly wouldn't brave those rainy, cold & windy days for a long walk if I didn't have to! That said when my children were babies, I would walk in any weather just to get out of the house and have some peace!! So borrow a dog, borrow a baby (giving your mummy friend a break), grab a friend or just walk alone but walk, walk, walk!

 3.   Yoga & Meditation

Yoga has been part of my life for so long my body gets grumpy if I don't do any, however I have to ensure I do the postures my body needs not the ones I like! Yoga is (in my opinion) the best form of exercise for the majority of us, it can help an injured body heal, can help heal an overwhelmed mind and soothe your soul, it can also be a damn good workout!! Meditation however takes a lot more will power, I love meditating when life is good but as soon as I'm stressed out or have too much on my mind, I find it very difficult to sit still & meditate- this is of course is the time I need to meditate the most! So I hear your struggle with this one but keep with it, I promise it is worth it :)

4.   Positive Thinking!

Trying to think only of positive thoughts throughout the day is tough isn't it? Especially when we continually have those nagging & negative thoughts popping in & out of our heads!

5.   Love & Accept Your Body!

Perhaps like me, many of you at some stage will have struggled with this one - loving & accepting your body. In theory, this should be easy, if our bodies function as they should and we are in good health, then why are we so hard on ourselves & dislike our bodies so much? The best advice I could give on loving our bodies is to be thankful for them and everything they do for us, as soon as I started to love and accept my body for what it was rather than what I wanted it to be I started to take greater care of it (eating well, drinking lots of water, breathing properly, meditation & exercising etc.) it was only then that I realised how amazing my body actually was, regardless of its shape or size :)

6.   Let Go of Resentment!

Letting go of resentment can take a long time and like many people I found letting go quite a painful journey, however, in the end feeling lighter, happier & not carrying around negative emotions & baggage was definitely worth it!!

7.   Trust Your Heart Over Your Head!

"Sometimes your heart defies everything you know is right. Sometimes it overrules your head and it wins the battle between love & logic. Let it happen, love will always be more important than logic." Anonymous

8.   Have Compassion Towards Yourself!

Be kind, gentle & understanding to yourself especially when your suffering, be mindful and observe life as it is without being judgemental, try not to suppress your thoughts & feelings, let them go.

9.   Listen To Your Body & Trust Yourself!

Slow down, relax & breath deeply allowing your mind to free itself from the constant chitter-chatter of day to day tasks. Close your eyes and take your focus inwards, continue with your slow, deep breaths for at least 5 minutes, now continuing with your slow deep breathes take your mind to the problem what is your gut telling you to do?

10. Focus On How You Feel Rather Than How You Look!

Oh, this is a difficult one isn't t?!

It has taken me many years to be compassionate to myself, listening to my body and trusting my own instincts, yoga & meditation have really helped me come closer to achieving some of the points on the list above.

I am now mindful of this list, my intentions are set to try and focus on one or two daily, why not try this too, so that you can become that Friend who is Healthy & Happy.

Good Luck, I hope this helps!

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