10 Simple Things Your Healthy & Happy Friends Do Every Day


1.   Healthy Eating.

2.   Walk (a dog, a buggy, a friend or alone).

3.   Yoga & Meditation

4.   Positive Thinking!

5.   Love & Accepting Your Body!

6.   Let Go of Resentment!

7.   Trust Your Heart Over Your Head!

8.   Have Compassion Towards Yourself!

9.   Listen To Your Body & Trust Yourself!

10. Focus On How You Feel Rather Than How    You Look!

How many of these simple things do we really do every day?

I force myself to eat healthily and walk my dog daily (but I certainly wouldn't brave those rainy, cold & windy days for a long walk if I didn't have to!)

I love the third point (obviously!!) but the other points aren't quite as simple as they look!

Trying to think only of positive thoughts throughout the day is tough when negative thoughts continually pop in & out of my head! But perhaps for many of you, like me, number 5 is one of the hardest of all, loving & accepting our physical body!! In theory, this should be easy, if our bodies function as they should and we are generally in good health, then why are we always so hard on ourselves & dislike our bodies so much? I found once I started to love and accept my body I started to take greater care of it; eating well & drinking lots of water, breathing properly & exercising, it was only then that I realised how amazing my body actually is, regardless of its shape or size :)

I found letting go of resentment took a long time and was quite a painful journey, however, in the end feeling lighter, happier & not carrying around negative emotions & baggage was definitely worth it!!

It has taken me many years to be compassionate to myself, listening to my body and trusting my own instincts, yoga & meditation have really helped me come closer to achieving some of the points on the list above.

I am now mindful of this list, my intentions are to try and focus on one or more a day, why not try this too, so that you can become that Friend who is Healthy & Happy :) xx