Me-time isn’t being selfish

You can’t pour from an empty cup - Take care of yourself first Mums!


Private 1:1

Private Yoga sessions are tailored to your specific goals (weight loss, flexibility, fitness, relaxation etc). Sessions are focused on how you are feeling both physically & emotionally on the day. Generally clients come once or twice a week for an hour together with a thorough home practice which I design for you.

1:1 Yoga Session

1:1 Yoga Session

Personal Yoga Training

Yoga Classes Bristol


Small Group Yoga

Small Yoga classes

Held in private home studio, blending traditional yoga postures with breath and movement to uplift & energise your body and your mind. 


Online, affordable yoga for mums

Helping you get fit, flexible and learn to truly relax without having to leave your house or children! 



Online Yoga Programmes



Monthly Subscription

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Looking for balance & wellbeing in your life but prefer a more personal approach? Then 'The Membership Club is definitely for you!