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Whether your pregnant, dealing with toddler tantrums or coping with hormonal teenage drama’s, it’s OK to feel a little lost, we all do! But it’s also great to reach out for help & that’s what you’ve done by visiting YogiMums today...

Develop a stronger, more flexible body, increase your energy levels & your emotional stability with my structured online yoga courses....just for mums.


....to feel like the old you again?


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You may think........

I’m not flexible! I’m not fit! I’ve never tried yoga! I don’t have time. I’m far too stressed & busy to try yoga. I need something that makes me sweat! I’m too old to start something new. Since having the kids my body & mind is a mess.....so is yoga really the answer for me? 


For Beginners

Online Yoga Course


For Busy Mums

Online Yoga Course

Mums worry that...

I don’t have time for complicated gym programmes and diet plans. But I do need to shift some weight. I wish someone could just guide me through this, day by day.

I’m so stressed. Nobody seems to realise how exhausting motherhood is. I need to unwind and do something for me.

Want to power up your yoga practice?

Do you run, cycle, lift weights or maybe you did before kids? Do you need a more physical workout to keep you motivated? Get all the benefits of yoga, the flexibility, the strength & the headspace right now!


For Fitness

Online Yoga Course


For Weight Loss 

Online Yoga Course

Feed up the constant dieting?

Never seem to lose the weight? But know that you really need to do something & soon? These dynamic yoga sessions will give you a great workout, tone & strengthen major muscle groups so that you burn more fat, lose weight & tone up.

You might be thinking... 

I know pregnancy is meant to be a magical time. Is it bad that I don’t want to gain too much weight? What’s the best exercise I can do during pregnancy to help get my body back after my baby is born? 


For Pregnancy

Online Yoga Course

For Post Natal

Online Yoga Course

Just had a baby?

You may well be feeling:

This is overwhelming... but I don’t want to wake up one day when my baby is at school and realise I’ve put on 20lbs. OK I admit it, I know I need to do something... but where do I start?