Online yoga for busy mums-fitness, flexibility and relaxation. 


Hi, I’m Catherine.

I help Busy mums get fit, flexible, lose weight and learn how to relax.

For over 20 years, I’ve been a Yoga teacher, Personal Trainer and Nutritionalist & I still absolutely love my job! I’m also a National & International lecturer and assessor for yoga teachers & personal fitness trainers. But perhaps my main job is being a busy single mum to my 3 beautiful but incredibly lively children (14,13 & 7) and my crazy dog!!


Meet Catherine

The Founder of Yogi Mums


Whatever your fitness, flexibility or anxiety levels are right now, I'm here to hold your hand & help you get started on your yoga journey today.



have evolved...

10 years ago, I started making yoga DVD’s for my pregnant & postnatal clients home practice, I had no idea how popular they were to become. My clients loved them & shared them with other mums, friends and family, I couldn’t produce enough for the demand, that was how “Mummies Little Buddha” was born!

'MummiesLittleBuddha' was a great success, helping hundreds of pregnant & postnatal women enjoy the benefits of yoga safely and effectively in their own home. However, as my 3 children grew (& the online world grew) my company needed to grow and evolve too! “Mummies Little Buddha” become “YogiMums”; The focus now is yoga for all mums, regardless of your fitness, your flexibility or the age of your children.

Yogimums is fast becoming the online ‘Go-To’ hangout for mums wanting to improve both their physical and mental wellbeing. 


I would love to help you too!


Passion, Enthusiasm & Love for Yoga


I am incredibly grateful for my success in YogiMums, I put it down to 3 reasons:

  • My sincere belief that every mum, no matter shape, size, age, fitness and flexibility level can do yoga and receive amazing results physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • My passion, enthusiasm and love of yoga and how it really helps transform lives.
  • Relating to mums of all age children & being able to teach with compassion & understanding in a friendly & non-judgemental way. 

Thank You, 



Please get in touch if you feel I could help you too!